Michael Yap

Michael Yap

Regional Managing Director | Singapore Hub, Coventry University

Michael Yap is the Regional Managing Director for Coventry University Singapore Hub and is the most senior university representative based in the Asian region.

In Coventry University Singapore Hub, Michael has successfully developed many new partnerships with the region’s higher education institutes, research centers, and commercial companies. He raised the branding awareness of the University. He built closer relationships with senior government stakeholders from the UK and local governments. His efforts make Coventry University highly regarded for its entrepreneurial and forward-thinking initiatives.

Apart from his position, he is also the inaugural Chair of the newly established UK-Singapore Universities Alliance of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UKSAEI), an alliance of 18 universities (6 from Singapore and 12 from the UK) to facilitate engagement and collaboration between the UK and Singapore universities on entrepreneurship and innovation.

He is a Board Member of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore. In addition, he is a member of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Leadership, Talent, Professional Development Committee. He actively shares his leadership knowledge with the British Community in Singapore and organizes events for members. He recently held a podcast on Global Intercultural Leadership entitled One size does not fit all.

He also sits on the Advisory Board for Coventry University Research Center for Global Learning: Education and Attainment.

He is also the appointed Ambassador for Coventry University in The Association of Commonwealth Universities. The role is to facilitate more robust communication channels between the ACU and Coventry University.

He is actively involved with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and represents Coventry University, a strategic partner of CWEIC in developing new opportunities in the Southeast Asia region.

He is completing his doctorate as a Doctoral Researcher in Business Administration at Coventry University in 2023.

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