Dr. Angélica Burbano Collazos

Dr. Angélica Burbano Collazos

Head of the Industrial Engineering Department at the School of Engineering and Design, Icesi University – Colombia

Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Icesi University in Cali,
Colombia. Fulbright Scholar. Ph.D. in Engineering with an emphasis in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas. Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers IISE and an ABET program evaluator.

She has work experience in the food industry, in logistics and production planning areas. During
her studies in the United States (2007-2011) she worked as a research assistant at CIHL Center for Innovation on Healthcare Logistics. Her work for CIHL focused on evaluating the impact of
adopting GS1 standards on the supply chain for medicines and medical devices. She has
investigated the adaptation of logistics and manufacturing models and structures to the service
environment considering the impact of industry 4.0 in healthcare and food systems. She is a
researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Digital Transformation CITRADI at Universidad Icesi.

Her current research area is related to engineering education, in the topics of competencies, hybrid environments, faculty development and active learning (which includes PBL). She is interested in contributing from her projects to SDG5 so that more and more women are in STEM areas (Science Technology Engineering and Math).

She has been at Universidad Icesi since 1998, with more than twenty years of teaching experience, has served as director of the Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering, director of the Master Program in Industrial Engineering. She is currently the head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Universidad Icesi and from her role she has structured and led national and international accreditation processes as well as the engineering school system for quality assurance of learning.

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