Capt. Selva Ramasamy

Capt. Selva Ramasamy

Founder & CEO, Octowill | Airline Pilot

Being a qualified economist and an airline pilot, Capt. Selva Is experienced in the process of building businesses from simple start-up to making of a successful enterprise.

Capt. Selva’s experience as a self-starter combined with his ability to raising capital and business funding’s will be a boom to help pilots to find alternative source to funding a start-up.

Before devoting his career into building his successful Fintech business called Octowill, Capt. Selva served as a long time Aviator and Captain in some major airline. Capt. Selva’s entrepreneurial desire has led him to taking part in several start-up companies involved in diverse business form manufacturing of IT components, insurance brokerage, Trust company, fintech and financial services.

Capt. Selva believes that every pilot has a unique skill set that can be put into good business use if the desire and goals are clear.

Pilots are disciplined, motivated and have higher exposure to opportunities than any other person due to their global travel exposure. Capt. Selva believes that those exposure could be a key ingredient in finding successful idea’s. All that is needed is guidance on how to make it real and rewarding.

Covid19 has taught us many valuable lessons and among them is our vulnerability to our career as pilots. Pathways to success is defined by one’s ability to adapt to change and finding a combination of key support factors to derive success no matter what the external factors are.




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