Why That is a Lie You Must Not Accept.

You might hear that soon as more jobs dry up. But…

Don’t buy it.

As the world’s economy grinds to a halt, jobs would inevitably, be lost. You would probably, by now read quite a lot about the impending layoffs and the ever-rising numbers of unemployment.

And if, lady luck failed to smile on you in the recent months; you found yourself thrust into the sea of uncertainty of job search, never, never, accept these words, “You are overqualified.”

It’s a lie and a lie that you must resist with all your heart and mind.

No such thing as overqualified.

If over qualification is spending your youth to perfect your craft, patiently learning the mistakes and correcting them: overqualified do you no justice for your grit and endurance.

If over qualification is investing hard earned income; denying yourself the other pleasures of life, to learn a new skill : overqualified is an empty word which discounts the fact that you carry skills worth of gold.
If over qualification is chasing your passion, putting your words into action, turning your passion into reality : overqualified is an empty dismissal of the making of who you are.

The list could go on and on, as you reflect on your life to the time of the dismissal and it should be a long list for you have spend a lifetime coming to this point.

Therefore, dare I postulate that “overqualified” does not exist.

You are good enough

On the contrary, subscribe to the fact that you are good enough for whatever you choose to do. And in the event, when you find yourself lacking, you will do the necessary, to balance that scale of “qualifying” and “lacking”.
In other words, it is incredulous to be told “overqualified” rather than “underqualified”.
For under qualification is a matter of ones doing or otherwise; we need to shoulder the responsibility and to work towards a qualification where else overqualified is not something that we can or should control.
So, please, I insist that you remove this vocabulary from your life this once and for all.
Allow me to prove my points to you.
Ask a startup, you are the lifeline to them.

Startups, are always starved of talents and skills to bring them to a size that is sustainable. They would look at your participation with much thanksgiving. Your participation, if you choose to join them would bring them much needed skills and experience especially those started by young founders.

Ideas and creativity are a plenty but the experience and skills to implement them are not.
You are one of these scarce resources.

2. Start your own startup, you are the brain that will run it.

And if you do find it within you, the gifts and desire to start your own, you will be the only person with the will and wits to keep it alive.
99% of startups fail and fail they do; major reason for that is due to the fact that the founder lacks skills and experience. Being the experienced hire that you are, the odds, favour your throw of dice better than the freshmen out of school.

Last but not least, majority of investors invest not in the plan but in the person. Again, your skills and experience matter, the most.
Fear not, for you are not King Sisyphus, who are forever burdened with the task of pushing his boulder up a cliff, just to see it roll down, once he reaches the top. “Overqualified” is not your burden but rather a crown: a crown that you should wear proudly for it signifies your hardwork and above all your qualification.

Ivan Yong is an organisational psychologist, engineer, author and a startup angel investor. He is also the Founding Vice President of Solidarity (Social Projects) for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Asia, a member of the Hong Kong Society of Economists and a published author with the book titled, “Department of Startup: Why Every Fortune 500 Needs One” by BEP New York. Last but not least, he is a big fan of history and a polyglot, fluent in 5 languages.