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Accelerating Global Innovation Ecosystem

Innovators are any organization’s creme de la creme, as they always think outside the box and disrupt the industries with new ideas, and are at the forefront of breakthroughs.

Corporate Disruptors Forum (CDF) engages foremost thinkers, business leaders, academics, and entrepreneurs to foster intelligent and meaningful conversations; and influence and shape societies and organizations to achieve sustainable growth and the future.

CDF is an international community for accelerating corporate innovation through cross-continental conversations and partnerships.

We curate forums/professional-network and programmes with our global partners to accelerate their corporate innovation ecosystems.

The Book that launches
the Corporate Disruptors Forum

We believe that there are heaps to learn from Startups. Successful startups are full of vigor, innovation, and thrive on disruptions. More and more corporate professionals and companies are putting startups under the microscope to understand what makes them tick!

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