Dr. Pierre Vialettes
Global Head of Technology Scouting, Airbus
Daniel Wright
VP Operation, EMCC APR
Mohamed Fawzy
Managing Director, OXPERA
Capt. Michael Lohmann
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Evangelist | Chief Pilot in Corporate Aviation
Jordi Llonch
Innovation Partner, Peninsula, Mentor to startup founders | Former Airline Pilot
Yunita Ong
Editor, Asia, LinkedIn News
Capt. Selva Ramasamy
Founder & CEO, Octowill | Airline Pilot
Capt. Akash Sharda
Founder & CEO, SpotHost | Airline Pilot
Capt. Rajat Jaiswal
Investor, Co-founder, Wat-a-Burger | Airline Pilot
Anders Lindblad
Managing Director CMT Central Eastern Europe, Accenture, Former Fighter Pilot