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THERE ARE TWO WAYS to create change: Either find a new answer for an old question or find a new question that has never been asked before.”
Ernö Rubik, creator of Rubik’s cube.

A Disruptor believes in harnessing the power of innovation to bring about positive disruption to what the world considered as “a rule of thumb” and “unconscious bias.” Renowned economist Paul Donovan defined these two terms as a form of “prejudice or irrational discrimination” that transpired from our innate human tendency to want to simplify things.

However, prejudice can be economically damaging to an individual and a corporation. How? You might ask. Prejudice can put the wrong person in a job or for a corporation to focus on a product in the wrong market. And both scenarios would likely result in disastrous outcomes!

The world needs more positive disruptions, even more so in the world economy battered by the pandemic!


If you are a believer in innovation and a disruptor at heart, consider joining our faculty, whereby we aim to give your ideas a voice. We look for disruptors in every field, every industry, every vocation.

You can be a social advocate, a startup founder, a business leader, a human resources professional, a salesperson, a scientist, a musician, a pilot, or even a painter; we want to hear from you if you are bringing positive disruption into your world.

At Corporate Disruptors Forum, we also value social justice. The need for qualities of kind-heartedness, good character, and empathy above abilities. Our faculty members aim to help and provide guidance in their area of expertise to benefit both corporates and entrepreneurs, especially for the “little guys.”

To apply, drop us an email at disruptors[@} with the subject, “Disruptors Faculty,” and we will be in contact soon.