Innovation Coaching Advisory

Taking up the challenge to run your corporate innovation program


You have completed a successful accelerator program.   And you are then matched to your corporation’s highly potential startups that could accelerate your innovation program.


Or, you have scouted promising startups through a vigorous “technology scouting” activity globally.


Both endeavours not only involve a tremendous amount of monetary investment and resources but also opportunity costs.


Now is the time to make it work and to execute the strategy!


Innovation Coaching to accelerate your innovation ecosystem


What we offer our clients from this point on is support and guidance in developing strategies and processes that ensure successful collaboration with startups.  We provide innovation coaching advisory to: –


1. Identify a “business model” where your startups can bring unique perspectives and innovative solutions to your corporate team.


2. Navigate the cultural differences between an established organization and a startup. From our deep understanding of startups we will be able to provide coaching on effective communication, collaboration, and relationship-building, that can help build trust and foster productive partnerships between corporate and startup teams.


3. Assist your internal team and startups in identifying “pivoting” points and processes to ensure that the innovation program avoids a “valley of death” whereby fundings run out.


Innovation coaching advisory is a valuable resource for corporations seeking to collaborate with startups in open innovation or corporate innovation initiatives. By providing guidance and support, innovation coaching advisors help corporations realize the benefits of collaboration with startups, including access to new technologies, markets, and business models.

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