Thinking Outside the Cockpit

“In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.”

– Albert Einstein

Coming out of a crisis can be the best time to re-think, re-discover and re-invent your career, and your life.

Aviation is one of the hardest hit industries brought down by the COVID-19. While there are still a lot of unknowns on how recovery of the aviation industry will take place or when would it happen, this could be the best opportunity ever for aviation professionals to explore new way out in entrepreneurship or making entrepreneurship as the second career option.

Thinking Outside the Cockpit is the new COVID Solidarity Special Edition of Corporate Disruptors Forum dedicated to the retrenched pilots due to COVID and also pilots who are thinking of a sustainable and resilient second career option. Self-reinvented entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and industry veterans will show and discuss with our audience how to create a future outside the cockpit.



- Understanding the inherent strengths and limitations of the 'pilot psyche’.
- Exploring our pilot skillset and assessing employment opportunities
- Aligning our skills with different corporate cultures
- Developing and strengthening our 'personal brand’ for a more robust and independent future

- Where is the breaking point to go for a new career journey?
- Why would entrepreneurship an ideal second career option?
- Moving forward - what’s ahead of the entrepreneurship path and how to prepare for it?

Life Re-invention Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshop Modules

1) Starting Right

An overview of the concept of resilience and how it fits into the Department of Startup Model. Understanding our own personal resilience.

2) Passion Led Business

Finding strength and utilizing it. Understanding what is Passion and why it’s the driving force for success. Understanding what is a ‘Passion Led Business’ for a startup

3) Innovating Your Offer

Learning how to build up your startup business model and people you want to help for your startup. Knowing how to ‘Productize’ and ‘Monetize’ for your startup. Understanding the concept of Pivoting and know when to do it.

4) Storytelling for Sales

Understanding what is trust and persuasion in a sales process and how to use them and elements of an effective story telling. Crafting and doing the story telling for your startup.

5) Founding Team

Understanding the importance & benefits of having the right Co-founder(s) and how the criteria for selection. Understanding the role of mentor(s), and how to find and effectively engage them.

6) Fetching Investment

Understanding the funding stages for startup and what is Bootstrapping for your startup and how to to plan for it. Effective pitching to investor and ability to execute it.

Sam Lee
Co-founder and Angel Investor
Co-Founder, Nanyang Angelz
Fighter Pilot, Airline Pilot and Founder
CEO & Co-founder
CEO & Co-founder, Aerologix

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