“Letter to My Grandson Jun”, A Phronesis Approach to ESG

“Letter to My Grandson Jun”, A Phronesis Approach to ESG

*Unique tales woven together of jungle hiking in Singapore and Malaya to a hike-drive 3,000 miles across continental America, and an appearance of the mythical Jackalope (half-Jackrabbit & half-antelope). The narrative complements serendipitous life-lessons inspired by the Aristotelian proposition of phrónēsis. Experience and practical judgement are part of the pursuit of wisdom and understanding oneself.

Anthony Teo, a bardolator at heart, a student of enduring understanding of the Greek philosophers’ of past is also a loving grandfather who is committed to generativity.

Conferred a “Chevalier of the French Order of the Palmes Académiques”, Anthony continues to inspire many to create a sustainable world for all, led by his undertaking of some of the most visionary ESG projects such as the $100-Million Eco-Conversion of the Nanyang Technological University Garden Campus to the Youth Olympic Games 2010 Village.

Fortuitously, Anthony has now put pen to paper his life-lessons, thoughts and wisdom that could unlock the potential of our next generation in creating a much better world in the years to come.

Fittingly, this event will be a traverse into the metaverse, a world where Grandson Jun and his contemporaries will find themselves in their elements.

*NFT Collectables in the form of digital art of unique experience will be available for collectors.


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