Leadership & Strategic Disruption in Higher Education

Leadership & Strategic Disruption in Higher Education

While the discourse on the need for higher education institutions to remain relevant in the nascent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been an ongoing quiet affair, and the pandemic has pushed the deliberation to the fore.

With face-to-face classes cancelled and frequent campus closure, the once traditional and unique universities offering, of an amalgam of learning and cultural exchange is heavily disrupted.

The European University Association has postulated in its recent report, titled “Universities without Walls,” a hybrid model for universities in 2030. This new model describes universities as “open as physical and virtual spaces and will work to cultivate both of these when engaging with society.”

The report further envisioned universities as “cooperative and networking institutions,” taking the form of “communities with open boundaries that will build bridges between countries, cultures, and sectors.”

Simultaneously, e-learning, which is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 to 10.5 percent between 2008 to 2014, has brought more affordable and attractive competitors. The industry demands for job-ready graduates further exacerbate this, with 21st-century competencies mismatched of graduates and industry needs such as emotional intelligence, social and communication skills.

Change is inevitable.

This forum aims to facilitate an in-depth discussion into innovative approaches for universities to reinvent and remain relevant amidst the disruption.
• Strategic transformation for universities in the Global Reset.
• Universities’ strategic role in the startups and innovation ecosystem.
• Rethinking the Alumni Engagement strategy for better industry connectivity.

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