Leadership Reinvented for ESG in the Redefined World

Leadership Reinvented For the Redefined World

Much has been said about the post-covid 19 redefined world,  but too little of its sustenance.   In doing our part for sustainability, especially for corporates leaders, loom large like the elephant in the room.  The pandemic-ravaged society is demanding change.  No longer will Corporate Leadership be solely profit-centered.  For of what use is profitability if we lose the world?  

Corporate Leadership needs reinventing to focus on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and frameworks.  ESG is of utmost importance, and leaders will pay well to heed the groan of their markets.  Profitability must not be the single measure of success but will have to include the followings;

Principles of Governance | Planet | People | Prosperity

The forum will explore the qualities, training & development of the new, reinvented leaders who will bring success to organizations in Asia and globally.

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