How to build social capital into your business in 2021

How to Build Social Capital into Your Business in 2021_

Businesses void of social impact will be frowned upon by Millennials, an enlarging purchasing power who prize humanity, sustainability and shared prosperity.

Keynote: Turning the Brand an Advocate of the Values Treasured by Millennials

Millennials expect more from brands with ethics and morality becoming part of their identity and culture in real life and online. How can a brand catch the phenomenon and turning the brand into an advocate to the values treasured by this power-growing group?

Disruptors Roundtable: Leading in the Age of Polarisation

We live in an age of polarisation that a growing number of people in society hold opinions at the extreme ends of the spectrum. At the same time, those in the moderate centre dwindles. This phenomenon gives leaders of any system challenges to lead when many members instinctively take sides based on group loyalties rather than careful processing. How can leaders find common ground in discussions in a polarised environment?

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