Everyone Can Angel Invest Series – Blockchain

Everyone Can Angel Invest Series – Blockchain

Everyone Can Angel Invest Series” provides 360-degree insights into startups’ angel investment at the pre-seed level. The startups concerned are likely to be pre-revenue or even just an idea on a piece of paper.

This series provides angel investors a smart and effective risk-management approach for angel investors by deep diving into 3 major areas;

1. The business model.
What is the innovation aspect of the Business Model? What is the disruption? Deep diving into the technology, what problem it is addressing, the opportunities in the market, the revenue model, and such.

2. The Angel Investor Skillset
How to value a pre-revenue startup? How to protect against dilution? What are the red flags to watch out for? More in-depth understanding of the necessary financial skills that can help angel investors make better decisions.

3. The Startup Founder
How to select startup founder(s) who would have the necessary competencies to succeed? Are universities graduates better founders? Deep diving into the tools such as personality questionnaires, digital evidence, and the founder/team’s culture.

NAZ (Nanyang Angelz), a network of private-marketplace investors, having achieved considerable successes in discovering and nurturing ideas on a piece of paper to a sustainable startup, seeks to democratize knowledge of angel investment.

The “Everyone Can Angel Invest Series” aims to bring about insights, experience sharing, opening access to the “toolkit” of angel investment and marketplace practices to anyone keen to invest in a startup.

Even though 99% of startups fail in their first year, angel investment can still be an intelligent and profitable investment with the proper knowledge and understanding of the marketplace.

NAZ is an angel investment network primarily of Nanyang Technological University alumni in China, Hong Kong, and ASEAN. NAZ seeks to add value as an early-stage investor by providing market access via its network.

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