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Corporate Disruptors Forum began with a simple belief that disruptions spark creativity and drive innovations, leading to a sustainable future for everyone. With that firm conviction, founders & entrepreneurs Ivan Yong and Sam Lee started investing in and mentoring early stage, pre-seed startups, leading to several successful startups founders in the Asian region.

Their cumulated experience as investor/mentor, entrepreneurs, and previous corporate background converged in “The Department of Startup: Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One” a book published by New York-based Business Expert Press. This book shows a practical framework for creating a startup culture of innovation for corporations and the key constituents. And this leads to the Corporate Disruptors Forum’s inception, bridging startup culture, disruptions, and corporate innovation.

Corporate Disruptors Forum aims to bring the innovation conversation into a practical solution discussion with thought leaders, educators, business leaders, and innovators both in the startups and corporate world. We believe in human ingenuity, coming together to chart alternative sustainable directions in the disruptive world we are in today.