CDF Co-Create

From Conversations to Actions

Our Forum has engaged global partners to co-create forums / professional-work and programmes to accelerate their corporate innovation goals and contribute to the global innovation ecosystem.

For corporate innovation teams and ventures who would like to:

  • position and brand as the leading innovator / organization in the industry
  • grow the open innovation collaborations pipeline in the shortest time
  • market innovation / startups programme  and campaign to more corporate partners or funding organizations
  • diversify the risks in startup project investment
  • initiate co-investment opportunities with counterpart enterprises
  • source funding partners for your CVC

Corporate Disruptors Forum is your best partner to achieve your goals.

Our Partner and Past Event:

On 15-18 November 2022, Corporate Disruptors Forum work with OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities to c0-curate a global festival with:




Hours of Curated Contents

Corporate Academics Innovation Global Festival

.   .

Corporate Academics Innovation Global Festival

Meaningful Conversations and Undiluted Networking Opportunities in One Place

Partnering with Corporate Disruptors Forum will bring significant exposure to your company and provide a unique opportunity to network with like-minded corporate innovation leaders in our community.

We have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality forums to our partners to deliver meaningful and impactful conversations and networking opportunities.

See What They Said

“I received only positive feedback from our delegates and I absolutely share their positive impression. Great moderation, great speakers, great virtual environment and format. Inspirational and professional. Chapeau!”
——–Dr. Christian Friedl, Founder and Coordinator, Corship


“I lead the startup initiative of an automotive company, where we bring together startups and our internal BUs in order to foster and bring partnerships. The forum is really valuable for me! Great event.”
——–Viktoria Ilger, Team leader Startup Initiative, AVL List


“Thank you to the organisers and fellow participants – really enjoyed the event format and having a meaningful exchange at the roundtables!”
——–Veronika Kuznetsova, Director, Innovation & Strategy, UBS

Are you interested in learning how your organization can work in partnership with Corporate Disruptors Forum?